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I do offer wholesale mugs for your business! I am required to keep a Resale Certificate from the State of Kentucky on-hand for any of our Wholesale Partners. You will be asked to send one before we put your first order into production. If you have something from another potter. I can use it as a guideline. I will not duplicate it exactly, because I probably couldn't and to honor the other potter's work. I can use it as a guideline to create something just for you.


I can delivery to those near me. Delivery fees will vary and will be discussed on a client by client bases. Free pickup is always available at my studio, located on Main Street in Harrodsburg!

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Orders may take 6 to 8 weeks to complete depending on how busy I am; although they are often done sooner. Pottery is a time consuming process, I will let you know as soon as your order is complete. 

Firing pottery can be unpredictable. Sometimes glazes may look slightly different. This can be because how tightly packed the kiln is, what shelf they are on or it can differ because of other items being fired with that piece. Glaze differences are out of my control. Also, mugs may be slightly smaller or larger if you order sets. I do my best to get them as similar as possible, but these are handmade items and there will be differences. 

Items should be picked up within 2 weeks of being notified of their completion. 

Pottery does break sometimes throughout the process, or issues can happen with the glazing that make it unusable. When these issues happen, the items must be remade from the beginning. I will let you know of the issue and an updated timeline of when to expect your Pottery.

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