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Frequently Asked Questions ???

Can I eat or drink from your pottery?

Yes! All of my glazes have been certified free of harmful chemicals and are food safe, so feel free to use them all in whatever manner suits you!

Will pottery break in the oven?

No, as long as you are careful. Thermal shock is what can cause problems. Thermal shock is caused by a fast and drastic change in temperature. So I recommend you follow a few guidelines so your pottery is in use for a long time.

1.) Do NOT take a handmade ceramic piece from the freezer/fridge into the oven/microwave; you’ll risk cracking. 

2.) Do not use on a stove top or leave for a long time under a broiler. This type of uneven heating can cause issues. 

3.) Letting the piece warm up to room temperature, before going in the oven is the safest bet.

Dishwasher and microwave safe?

You sure can! However many customers prefer to hand wash their handmade pieces, you are more than welcome to put your functional pieces in the dishwasher.
I like to say my pottery is microwave friendly, it is fine to put pieces in the microwave for a couple minutes. I don't recommend any longer than that, because I wouldn't want to stress the glaze. 

Do you ship?

Yes I do, and here is what you need to know!
Handmade pottery is breakable - and I cannot control what happens to the packages between my studio & your home. I do take EVERY precaution. Wrapping your item very carefully with lots of cushion! I use the most cost effective shipping carrier available to keep the prices affordable for customers. 

Do you take custom orders?

Yes, I do. The order must reach a value of $150.

What if something breaks during shipping?

If something arrives damaged, please photograph it {WHILE IT IS STILL IN THE WRAPPING} and contact me immediately. Do NOT throw away the item, it is often needed for the insurance process. I can not do the insurance claim for you, but I will provide you with the information needed to file your claim. 

If you wish to have the broken item replaced, you'll need to put in a new order from this website. Please know that I will require additional payment for the secondary order, since you will be refunded the cost of the original order to you directly once the insurance claim has been approved.


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