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Classes & Private Lessons

Always wanted to learn how to make pottery on the wheel? Or maybe you just want an evening to get your hands dirty and take home a hand made souvenir. You are in the right place!

Private Lessons

In your private wheel throwing lesson you will receive a series of four 2 hour private lessons; 8 hours of one on one instruction! 


I do a series of 4 lessons so you can learn the basics and complete you pieces!

Lesson 1: wedging, centering and throwing

Lesson 2: centering, throwing and trimming

Lesson 3: throwing and trimming

Lesson 4: decorating and glazing


Each lesson will be 2 hours long, so you will have adequate time to hone in your skills. I focus on teaching how to make a cylinder form, because you can make just about anything from this form! 

The cost for 1 person to go through the series is $320. Which includes 8 hours of instruction, all clay, glaze, and firing. 

Please come back within 2 weeks of being notified that your pieces are finished. 

Call to schedule!

Pottery Wheel
Pottery Workshop
Pottery Workshop

Introduction to the Wheel

This class is all about having fun and experiencing what it is like to make something on a potter's wheel! When you come in for your class the clay will be ready and you will find an open wheel. I will demo how to throw and then we will go through all the steps together as a class. I will help as needed. everyone's pots will look different, and we will try for everyone to make two pots! at the end of the class we will clean up and you will have the options to fire your new masterpieces. You will be able to pick from 5 glaze options. firing is an additional fee of $5 per pot fired. 

Cost $45 per person. Ages 12 and up are suitable.  

Your pottery item should be ready for pick up within a couple weeks, please pick up as soon as possible. Any items left longer than 2 weeks after being notified will be disposed of. 

Follow the Link to see available class times!

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